My MapleStory New Year

With less than a month to go until the next update, I’m fiercely trying to upgrade my gear! I’m hoping to get four more legend scrolls on my katara, which will be hard as well. At the moment my katara is 62 attack with +4 all… I can do better! My dagger is already max scrolled, got 111 attack +4 all, and 9% luk. Along with getting my % luk a lot higher, my range is pretty hopeless right now. So when I saw the new evolving ring… I was excited frankly. With limited time to Maple, I needed to increase my range a LOT before the February update, when people’s ranges triple… Again… To stay competitive, I need this ring. So hopefully I’ll evolve it after the maintenance… In a sense I have only now created my New Year goals for MapleStory!

What are some of your MapleStory goals?


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