Weekly Report 3/8 (completed)

Hello Maplers! This post is about our new system, Weekly Reports. As you may know, when we are actively changing features of the blog, we tend to post all the information we have as soon as we get it. This is inconvenient for us, as sometimes it is impossible to get together, etc., to post this info. So instead we have resorted to a system called Weekly Reports. We will write up a report every week (on unannounced days–for our convenience) to keep you informed!

Weekly Report 3/8


Koshenya Says has a new main computer, which will hopefully end our technical difficulties.


If you didn’t know already, there is a charitable viral video going around. It is called Kony 2012. The word for this video spread so fast. At our school, “Kony 2012” was written anywhere possible to spread the word. We saw it written on hands, white boards, DESKS… As mentioned before, to spread the word. So please check out the video below and spread the word!!!


Our current “project” per-say is doing our best to update the Facebook page with updates and maintenances, and continuing to bring to you new MapleStories every week. Episode 1: Hikari had great success. It is great to know that our work is being appreciated! Judging by our figures, about 50 people viewed it since last Sunday, when it was posted, and 6 people viewed it today, respectively. We are estimating by our current plans that this series will have at least 5 episodes. Remember to send in your own work for publishing n Koshenya Says! It will receive great exposure!


MapleStory has experienced great technical difficulties and many unscheduled maintenances. Because of this, the upcoming update hasn’t occurred yet. No one knows the exact date it will come. Most sources agree soon, some believe as close as March 14.


Mel and Mike are working on their f/p mages. They are in the 4x level range, and plan to take these accounts far. So far Mike is ahead in their leveling competition.


Recently the app store reached 25 billion downloads!

Mel’s dog barfed!


The Koshenya Says Team


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