A Break from the Blog

This is going the be short and simple.

We enjoy blogging and maintaining this site. We really do. We do it out of pure joy and happiness, and sometimes we take out valuable time of our days to work on it. It seems fair to say that right around now our lives are getting pretty busy with projects, tests, and studying for third quarter tests. Because of the priority of these things, we have decided to take a break from blogging. This will most likely last around 2 weeks.

We are also sorry to tell you that we will not update our facebook, and the planned maintenance and our fanfiction series will be delayed.

We thank you earnestly for your understanding.

Until next time!


The Koshenya Says Team


6 responses to “A Break from the Blog

    • We really need this break. Right now, there are better things I could be doing. :3 plus we have some free time- priorities. Lol. Such as actually mapling (jk)

  1. Lol, I have a life too, school, i play yugioh Thursday nights, saturdays and sundays, so I don’t blog often then. I am gonna slow down a bit though, seeing as I’m doing gMS and kMS too

  2. Lolz. What do you mean you do KMS too? I’m getting an account soon :3

    Good news–I’m gonna be able to start blogging again this weekend. Idk about the guys~ So probably a few weeks of me solo blogging.

    OMG pumped to see the hunger games premiere :DDD

  3. I’m also working on getting a kMS account. Hopefukly will have one in a few weeks. I’ve been getting little by little about kMS for almost 6 months now. I finally devided to do it too, We’ll see about that though.

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