We Are Back!

With our planned break from the blog behind us, we are excited to announce that coming sooner than you could imagine are… Some fabulous blog changes! Every single word you DON’T want to hear will be gone, and every word you do will be cherished and nurtured into something potentially greater!

Anyway, for the actual content of this post, we hate to disappoint. However, we felt the best way to return to regularly blogging after a break would be to bring back some of our older memories. We hope you enjoy some of these quotes :)

“Writing a guide is damn exhausting. It feels like I’m teaching calculus to a six year old.” ~V

“I kind of secretly hope that this doesn’t turn out well, just so I can say it wasn’t my fault for once.” ~Mel

“BasilMarket, while ‘useful’ in a sense leaves negatives images in my head. The fact that it’s a market?… I imagine a bunch of pimple-faced, Asian whores, running around and getting winded after the first five seconds ;P Sometimes I just wish that those people would stop arguing about idiotic things ._.” ~Mike

“If I were asked to describe V, I would say that he is the meanest, awfullest, cruelest person I know… But also the one person I’ve known my entire life. Somehow I keep coming back :P” ~Mel


P.S.- Did anyone see the Hunger Games premiere? We did! Leave comments below :P

The Koshenya Says Team


2 responses to “We Are Back!

  1. The Hunger Games movie I saw, but it wasn’t that great. They left out a lot of parts, especially when Katniss told Peeta “Shut up and eat your pears,” and Prim gives Katniss the pin, not Madge.

    SPOILER ALERT: Prim dies in Mocking Jay.

  2. I liked the movie xD Some people loved it some people didn’t! About Prim: Yup I read the books :P

    I liked the acting above all.

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