Information Regarding KMS Accounts

Hello everyone! Almost everyone wants a KMS account… :) KMS (Korean MapleStory) receives new patches almost 6 months before GMS! So it is useful to obtain a KMS account just for that reason.

File:MapleStory Korea 6th anniversary.jpg

Read on for more information.

To play KMS, there are various things you have to do. Firstly, you have to obtain an account (duh). You need a Korean Social Security Number to make a Nexon account, under which you can make 10 MapleStory accounts. But searching “KSSN” in Google won’t help you. You need a real account, and going through illegal methods to get one is… Well not in your best interests. You can get arrested for up to 3 years, and be forced to pay a large fine.

So how can you get a KMS account?

I reccommend using You can obtain an account easily through this website, and it is legal. When you make an account simply say koshenya referred you!


2 responses to “Information Regarding KMS Accounts

  1. All I’m saying is you can’t get arrested, since it has none of your personal information, and you weren’t the one to make the account.

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