Happy Easter!

Hello everyone. I know this may be a bit late (and possibly inadequate, heh) but I’d like to wish everyone a happy Easter! This is one of my favorite holidays because while I’m not a religious person, it’s a sweet low ish-scale holiday. Holidays just make me feel happy, y’know?

Read on if you like for a bit more about me currently, and about Koshenya Says representation in Broa!

Anyway, if you hadn’t noticed, it’s been a while since my last post. Yes I know, I know… I hadn’t given anyone notice about that. Even though I’m not posting, I still check the blog. One major thing I’ve noticed is how the views go down when I haven’t posted in a while. This annoys me for some reason. The blog is not the only thing this site is useful for; it should also be used as a reference. So, as a writer, I am asking all my readers now, to please refer others to my blog, if at all ever possible. Thanks.

In other news, Koshenya Says is now represented by a guild in Broa! This is exciting to me, especially since it is my guild. I was unsure whether to integrate the guild with the site, but I think that it’s the right thing to do now, especially since we need some higher levels. The guild is called Rains. You may have seen it before, my Broans ^.^

More info about everything later. How to join the guild, new content for the blog, new stuff about KMS, all coming in my next post! Thanks for reading.

–Mike <3


One response to “Happy Easter!

  1. Nice, I hope you had a nice Easter as well. My views have been going up for April so far! So far, I’m at about 800 views for the month, then again, I’m staying on top of everything too xD

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