Many things have happened in MapleStory since the last time I have written, and for that, I apologize. Please remember that for me, it is quality and not quantity. In this post, I would like to provide a bunch of new information to you guys, but more importantly make up for the time I have lost! Continue reading for info regarding the future of Koshenya Says, the current and upcoming news of MapleStory, and more!

This post is gonna be sort of long, so if you want just look for the topic you are interested in ;)

10k Nx Event

Everyone wants a bit of Nx! There is currently an official Nexon event which enables you to earn up to 10,000 Nx, equal to $10. This event is not through MapleStory, though, it is a promotion of another Nexon game. To complete the requirements of the event, you must have played MapleStory and another Nexon game (other than Dungeon Fighter Online). Then, you download Dungeon Fighter Online and get an account to level 18. It’s that simple. You are awarded 5k Nx for getting to level 10, and another 5k for reaching 18. Better yet, this Nx is prepaid, so you can gift it to other people, and use the MTS with it!

Click here for the official Nexon page about the event!

Koshenya Says Blog

The blog feature of Koshenya Says is very important! It allows me to communicate directly to everyone, and it is more interesting and substantial than my guides and other pages. I will continue to try to write for the blog every day, but like I said, if it’s not worth it, I’m not putting it up. For example, I’m not going to waste everyone’s time by copying and pasting from The MapleStory site. That’s a waste of everyone’s time. So as I continue to provide good content, I may be a little slow in updating, but I will still try! Thanks for checking the blog everyday, guys :)


I got some good remarks from my friends I showed my first Fanfiction to. That meant a lot. I have always been planning on continuing the Fanfictions, but that pushed me to do it. I’m aiming for not one, but two Fanfictions out by this weekend. They will be titled “Delirious,” and “Darkness.” The first should be out by tomorrow, and if the second isn’t, it will be out by Monday!

Chatting and Communication

If you didn’t notice, I removed Meebo. Only a few people used it, and it wasn’t practical for me to check it everyday. I can’t respond with it, since people show up different every time they check the page. That was frustrating. Chatango was bad too, because people had to click the link. For now, no chatting will be available. However, I am working on integrating a forum software I have found into the blog. If it works I will make a special forum for Koshenya Says! :3 More on this later. It will be much different than BasilMarket!

Koshenya Says Guild

As I said before, Rains is the official Koshenya Says guild in Broa. We are currently kind of selective (4th jobbers recruited). If you want more info, here are some people you can contact:

xproaznsLnxx-That’s me, just type it out all lowercase like that. Should work.

Nikinah-A trusted junior! Kind of awkward, but she should help :)

LadyHinataHs-I may be training this account in the next few days! :3

Soon in MapleStory

It’s nearing the 7th anniversary of MapleStory! I won’t go into huge detail on this, but you can check the MapleStory site.

The MapleStory Justice update is coming the first month of June. Pretty exciting! This patch brings the new class, Thief Phantom! Ribbon Pig (found in Blogroll) has more info about Phantom!


Thank you guys for reading this longer post! I hope it made up for the time I missed! Please continue to make Koshenya Says a part of your MapleStory life! :D


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