I am Jon. I don’t manage this blog, but Mike invited me to the blog to help contribute to the site.  So please be aware if you see me post, don’t be alarmed.




12 responses to “Hello!~

  1. And thanks for helping! :) I know my site is a lot different now, but it is a lot cleaner. I think it contributes to the kind of stuff I want. I saw this great blog, (blog.thebluecorsair.com) And it really inspired me to do something different :) Now, instead of updating people with stuff about the site, I’m going to include pieces of my “Maple life.”

    • Not a problem! Yeah, I follow him on twitter xD

      Shhhh, don’t tell anyone, I was going to start doing personal entrys soon. I have two planned for next month (6 month opening, and one year of playing maple) and just a look back xD

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