Upcoming Changes

Update: The dates I promised were unable to be fulfilled. Am I sad? Of course, but there was nothing much I could do about it. Finals week is soon, and I overestimated my ability to manage my time. The promised content is still coming, so check back on this post for the new dates!

Hey guys :) I wanted to let you know of some of the upcoming changes coming to the blog. I won’t be going into full detail yet, but here is a basic outline:

  • The new page, about my characters. Each character has a story, though not in the sense of a personality.
  • The new page, TBA (to be announced). This page’s details will be announced tomorrow. Another page will be eliminated, or migrated to make room. The menu is getting crowded.
  • Improvements on existing content throughout site
  • New content on existing parts of the site: a new Fanfiction, as well as several posts TBR (to be released) on the same day.

Again, these dates are loose, but here are the expected dates for these changes.

  • First two bullets: Character Page released by 7pm Pacific, Friday. Second new page’s content announced by same time.
  • Second two bullets: To be fulfilled Saturday, by 1pm Pacific.
  • Second page completed by Sunday, 9pm Pacific.



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