Questions and Answers 2

koopahero2100: Hey! I am a GMS blogger too! I don’t want to reveal my blog since it’s horrible atm. o_o Anyhoo: I had another “favorite” question. Who is your favorite MapleStory blogger other than yourself?

Hey koopahero! Thanks for asking this question, as it is one I have been thinking about for a while. As a blogger I am always asking myself if I can improve my blog. Usually the answer is yes, but there are some blogs out there nearing perfection…

Probably my favorite blog in terms of visuals and layout would have to be The Blue Corsair. I don’t even remember how I stumbled across this blog, but now I personally know the author, and I check it everyday! I love Timber’s writing voice. He doesn’t use themes, so the beautiful layout you will see on his site is 100% his creation!

Another one of my favorite blogs is iCantGB. Once again, another great writing voice. I am not really concerned as much with content as I am with the way it is presented. Here you will find stories, videos, and screenshots of Doug’s “Maple Adventures…”

Finally, I feel as though I have to mention my partner blog, Ribbon Pig. Not only is he my blogging partner, but he has also helped me a lot. His blog is decent too, and since I post on it sometimes, it has to be great!

I hope I fully answered your question, koopahero! To everyone else, make sure to ask me any questions you may have through the “Have a Question?” page.



3 responses to “Questions and Answers 2

  1. I like the pic! :D Thanks for responding so quickly. How about some of the kms blogs?

    • Hai! Thanks, if you click the pic it will show you where I made it :3 I would have responded quicker, but my older post got deleted… I didn’t really mention the kms bloggers because I don’t have much respect for them. They treat their blogs almost like a business, and since Shakar isn’t Korean, his posts aren’t TRULY his own work.

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