GMS Server Merges

Recently a thread was made about the under population of smaller servers and how it would be greatly appreciated if a few of the servers were merged.

Here’s the author’s message directly from the forum post:

As of now, the smaller servers such as Mardia, Kradia, Yellonde and all of the new servers are having serious issues with under population. Not only is it extremely difficult to find people to train with, even during 2x events, but the free markets are all governed people from larger servers using real money as a currency to trade in game items.

The loss of MTS and world transfers are a good start, but unless these smaller worlds are combined with 2 or even three of their struggling counterparts just to get to 1/2 the size of Scania Windia or Bera, there will not be enough money or equipment in order to maintain a stable isolated free market.

As a player in one of these small struggling servers who greatly appreciates the peace and serenity of a small server, I have to admit that mergers at this point in time, where population is not rising even at the start of summer, are necessary for the survival of the game.

Within a few hours of the forum post being added a Nexon employee, responded with the following:
Hi, thank you for bring it up. There will be more detail announcement about this issue next week. Thank you for being patient with us.
Credits to Maple-News for this information.



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