My Thoughts About ‘Justice’


[Click the above image to view the official JETT page]

So. It seems as though Nexon has finally actually done something somewhat creative. They aren’t doing ‘Justice’. Well, although I have no proof of this, it seems they are going in another direction already. Don’t hold me to this entirely, but it seems as though Nexon is still using the same content, but presenting it in an entirely different way, alongside their amazing ‘Jett’ class.

We got a “Sneak Peak” of Jett through the teaser video Nexon treated us with…

Okay, that video was god awful. The animation was horrible, the characters’ mouths didn’t move when they spoke… All in all, it was a disaster. At least you can be sure that Nexon America came up with it.

Now, back to Justice. If you didn’t know, Justice was originally presented in Korea in three parts, kind of like the four-part ‘Chaos.’ The first part was revamps, the second part was Phantom, and the third part was Azwan. If you click the image above, you will see the JETT page. You will see many dates on that page, “release dates” you could say. We have, near the bottom, video frames that say “Access Granted on x/x.” Then, near the top, something many people didn’t catch… There are actually Phantom and Azwan buttons already there! If you scroll over them, you will see dates… With Phantom’s page frustratingly released on July second. It’s crazy, every prediction was wrong. If its page is released then, we know that if Nexon gets their dates right, we will have to wait until after July second for Phantom. Another unexplained piece of the puzzle is the fact that Nexon left such a huge date gap between JETT and Phantom, with a comparatively tiny gap between Phantom and Azwan! There may be more content associated with JETT than we thought… 

This is all horribly frustrating. You see now why I do not believe they will be doing Justice, at least in the way we hoped and expected. They are doing Phantom and Azwan instead with their ‘Renegades’ revamp. In some ways, Nexon’s doing this is a good move, because it proves they are capable of their own content, even if it is just creative marketing. We will have events specially tailored to GMS for JETT. They will probably be horrible, judging by the quality of that pure American Nexon video. But, you never know! The events could be worthwhile.

I believe that the revamps are still coming. They will come later, I believe, unless they decide to move the revamps in with Phantom or Azwan. I can say that our Nexon will have all the same content as Korea–except JETT–although it may be presented differently.

New FanFictions coming up later today!



5 responses to “My Thoughts About ‘Justice’

      • i don’t find the animation horrible. I find it cheap (in a good way) and cute IMO. I mean I don’t think NexonNA has top notch animators/artist like Nexon Korea.

        OT: yeah the Revamp should come unless NexonNA wants a angry mob of thief/pirate players raging on their forums 24/7. But it will come just don’t know when or how they will do it exactly. Wonder if their gonna do Jett with pirate revamp and phantom with thief revamp or etc.

  1. Why is it so difficult to come to the conclusion that Renegades might just be the same god damn thing as Justice, but with a new class tossed in? I’m so tired of this “revamp isn’t coming with Justice QQ” bullshit. Save the crying for when it’s actually confirmed that the revamp is getting delayed. All hypothesizing does is make people more inclined to complain about something that isn’t anything more than a rumor. |:

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