Basiler Renegade Opinion

Recently a thread was made about my last post. Here is one Basiler’s reaction:

Terminator123: “Ok, the thief/pirate revamp is gonna happen, and I can prove it.

Ok guys. The thief/pirate revamp will come, and before phantoms for sure. Why you may ask? Well, in KMS, phantom can only steal the skills of the new thiefs and pirates. It (phantom) isn’t coded to steal skills like avenger or battleship. I HIGHLY doubt that Nexon will put more coding into phantom’s skill stealing ability, and the revamp will MOST likely come before phantom is released. Also, if you have been on the Maplestory website, and have checked the renegade page for Jett, you will see some “classified” files that will be released in the next few weeks. Nexon may announce the revamp then. So, keep your hopes high guys, because as we know, Nexon is quite lazy and will most likely copy all of KMS’s code.

Thank you.”




2 responses to “Basiler Renegade Opinion

  1. Is that true? So what kind of job is renegades going to be classed in? I am deciding whether to have cannoneer or renegades now @@

    • Renegades isn’t a class on its own, I don’t believe, but rather grouping characters creatively because they are “above the law.” Renegades includes two playable classes: Jett and Phantom, if that helps!

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