Brief Blog News 6.20.12

Hello! So I’ve finally gotten down to writing a lengthy update for you guys. I am hoping to do a long post like this at least once a week from now on, and a shorter post nearly every day.

Not much is new. There are seven days until Jett is released, and yes, I do know this to be a fact. Unless, of course, Nexon screws up again. “How do you know this?” You may be asking. Well, Nexon actually inserted a counter on the Jett page! At first it appears to be just a graphic, but a closer inspection reveals that the number does indeed change each day. Today it said “D-7” or, “Days left: Seven.” I think they will be doing this sort of counter for each stage of the Renegades release, and I hope they do as it will help build excitement.

I’ve observed several different speculative arguments about the upcoming revamps. I’ve seen many horrible arguments, but there were a few that presented enough fact to show that the revamp should be coming with the Renegades update. The best reason was that Phantoms can’t steal non-revamped thief and pirate skills. This would suggest that Nexon will release the revamp before Phantom, possibly with Jett. Phantom is coming about 2 or 3 weeks after the release of its page on July 2nd.

So what’s new with me?

I’ve been slowly training Koshenya, and today I got him to 151. (I also reached a 25k range, screenshot later ;)) I am hoping to continue training him until Phantom, hopefully getting to at least 160.

I have also taken a fancy to K-Pop. o.O In specific, BigBang. Their music is so much better than American music!

In regards to FanFiction… I will be continuing writing, and will definitely have to compress the FanFiction menu to fit all the future stories. I am considering continuing the same series… Except from a different point of view :) Also, be sure you check out the story I wrote for Maple Stories!

Until my signature is fixed!



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