Update ^-^

Hey guys, its me here ^_^ I realize it’s been a long time since I posted, but I haven’t quit the blog. I plan to keep it going for a while longer(: Anyway, I’ll bring you up to speed on my adventures in Maple.

I played my DB for a while, then made a Phantom when they came out. I got my phantom to 154. (My db is 153), and stopped leveling. I can’t explain this boredom at those levels, but I just seem to get bored around then… Then I got my ancient blaze wizard from 112 to 120, and made a ua. I found the ua quests taxing but fun at the same time. It took me two tries to beat the black witch, and 1.5 hours to get the peridots, during 2x.

My ua is a bowmaster. I find the class really awesome, and I got it to 154 with no signs of stopping. This could be the character I get to 200… heh. 

Oh yeah! The patch for Mutiny will be done tomorrow! I think I’ll have fun testing out the skill changes on my Bucc and Dual Blade.

~Mike c:

New signature. Read on for mutiny skill changes, and some interesting screenies c:


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