A Semi Personal Post? o_o

Semi-personal… Umm, probably not in the touchy feely way I know you were looking forward to. Actually, I consider this post personal because it really isn’t about MapleStory. So I can say I warned you in advance…

Basically I wanted to catch you guys up on things, since my posting has been very sporadic. I’ve been playing Maple somewhat a lot still, though not as much as some people I’m sure. I got my Bowmaster to level 160. I seem to be enjoying this class a lot, although I’m not quite sure why… It’s somewhat weak, with a 17.5k clean range. It self buffs to 21k. That’s decent for me: it has 5 set empress, you can guess it doesn’t have the cape. I don’t know much info about it, I tried to owl a Falcon Wing cape, but it didn’t show up… Seems suspicious…

Anyway, this is where I’ll discontinue talking about Maple… ^-^

My top three songs at the moment

I mixed up the type of video I showed~ One is live, one is translated, one is the m/v. I just love all of these songs, yes, they are all in Korean. ^-^

In other news… I’m still working on my weekly news post idea, if you still remember me mentioning it in my interview with Dill a while back. I think the idea may be incorporated into a whole new site by the looks of it, stay alert!

I had my school registration today. I am nervous for another year but mostly excited. In some ways, working a lot academically is fun, and it makes your free time even more precious xD.

I hope to be able to keep blogging through a tougher year of school. There have been hard times with this blog, obstacles, and drama, but now that I have found my style the workload of writing for you guys is extremely small. Now I’m comfortable with it, so I hope that my quality will improve. For potential bloggers out there, give blogging a try! It is extremely difficult, but it is definitely free time… Any work on it that needs to be done, you do it. No one forcing you, it’s quite fun(: Anyway, now to move on from the lecturing…

For now I am out of words o_o. I have lots of new content planned, I may even recruit some more people to help with everything. I am looking forward to getting back to writing regularly, and hopefully you will get used to checking for new posts more often! That is my true goal…

Enjoy my new signature, it’s incorporated on the site now too(:

~Mike c:


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