Mihile Class~My thoughts

So the Mihile class is coming soon… And I have yet to decide whether or not I actually care. This class feels really mass produced, I mean it’s basically a copy of another class nexon already made…


Of course if you liked the Mihile Cygnus Knight, then maybe you would appreciate this class more. I was able to test out this class in kms, and was pretty unimpressed. Though I didn’t fully understand the storyline… Maybe that would make it more enjoyable? I don’t know.

So even though the class itself wasn’t too fun for me, I might end up making one for the link skill. c: I have never been known to like the annoyingly slow gameplay of warriors, so I’m not sure what I was expecting. But, It’s disappointing that I’m not liking the new classes Nexon is coming up with. Luminous was pretty fun and cool to play, but Kaiser was a disappointment as well… All I can say is, I hope Nexon starts coming up with more creative classes, like Phantom again.

Gameplay video if you never saw it.

After all, we don’t know how much longer this game will be around.


~Miko c:


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