Why Nexon Won’t Make All CK Their Own Class

Okay I’ll make this short and sweet since I’m on mobile, but there have been quite a few people claiming that “THEY ARE SURE” Nexon will make all the Cygnus Knights their own class. -stares- There are some fairly easy to notice key facts that would easily prove this theory wrong. Let me start.

Mihile is a copy and pasted class, but it does have an enhanced “feature” that makes it different from the existing Cygnus knights. This is really only the fact that it can get to a higher level, also it has a few different skills. But if you read what Cygnus said, it was something along the lines of “MIHILE IS MY CHOSEN KNIGHT!” implying that NO, she won’t choose other knights as well.


My second good reason is that the only good reason for people to make Cygnus knights was the fact that they can make ultimate adventurers. Mihile can make an ultimate adventurer as well. Also, he gets Cygnus exp bonus… My point is, if they made another class of all Cygnus knights, it would drive the entire Cygnus knight class out of existence. The Cygnus knights were a major update, and doing so would ruin past Nexon creations… You think they would SERIOUSLY do that?

I’ll post further arguments for this as I think of them…


~Miko c:


5 responses to “Why Nexon Won’t Make All CK Their Own Class

  1. nexon most likely doesn’t give a crap about it
    when did they give a crap about anything?
    they’ll just run out of ideas for classes and release the instructors to keep people busy

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