MapleStory Champion Update

Hey guys! Usually I don’t cover actual updates, but I felt the need to cover this one since it actually affects me as a BowMaster(: Though not much. All I’m really getting is 10 more attack on concentrate…. Bleh D:

Anyway, I’ll cover the other stuff too. The changes aren’t very significant, but I don’t think it’s a crime to get excited.

Basically what they are doing, is mashing a few updates together, and speeding up the kms>gms schedule from the looks of things. They are bringing a Warrior, Mage, and Bowman revamp, with minor skillchanges to make these classes (the weakest at the moment) a bit stronger. Mages will be getting a further range, and I mentioned bowman. Warriors actually improve the most, with increased damage in general along with some new skills.

The Legends will also be coming back, no real idea why… -.-

Ah Nexon is just confusing haha o.O Will be updated.

~Miko c:

~Miko c:


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