Update 9.27

Hello there! Some key changes have been made to the blog design. Firstly, the email confirmation system has been updated to be more useful(: Secondly, the blog page has been cleaned up to show less posts at once, and enable faster loading time. This will hopefully improve the quality we are able to provide on mobile.

In addition, I am improving several other aspects of the blog, including aesthetics as well as ease of commenting. To aid people without WordPress (or any of the supported services) accounts, anonymous commenting is now available. Simply comment without filling out any info.

Because plenty of spam is possible with this system, I’ve implemented a harsh filter. If you are choosing to comment anonymously, please make your comment specific. This aids in the system being able to differentiate you from a robot. Secondly, please refrain from placing links in an anonymous post, as it would be marked as spam. Spam Ques are checked only about once a week, while pending comments are updated daily. If you post a link, your comment will be delayed!

Thanks for reading this update!


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