SO, what HAVE I been doing? Part 1

Looks like our post-a-day goal is working out so far! In this interview style post, I will bring everyone up to speed on what I’ve been spending my time on. Read on for part 1!

 Q. What have I been spending my time on?


A. I’ve been really busy lately, dealing with homework and late nights. This and last weekend, I actually spent a large majority of my free time productively. If you follow me on twitter, you would know that I study Japanese. Well, this weekend I discovered a few great Japanese learning sites. The first of which is TextFugu. It is really well made… I’ll let you check the site out for yourself. I bought a lifetime membership on sale from them, and have been reviewing some grammar structure as well as utilizing their forums.

Also, I have been using their Kanji learning application, WaniKani. It actually made Kanji learning fun for me… I was actually learning Kanji on my free time xD.

Q. What is in store (in the near future) for Koshenya Says?


A. This is a question I’ve debated for a while. The site has already changed a lot, evolved a lot past its original Maple-only stage. It has become more of my personal blog, as I’ve realized is really what a blog should be… personal. Not meaning to point fingers, but there are plenty of other “KMS blogs” out there. I for one actually do play kms which is more than many of those bloggers can say…

I think I will keep the layout of the blog for the most part how it is, although I do have some plans to update the homepage into more content.

I’ve realized that because of my time issues, this blog will truly be much more focused on MapleStory during the summer. I don’t think I will ever get rid of this… There are a lot of memories here on this site. Even if I stop playing MapleStory, I see myself continuing this blog, even if its topic changes entirely. The rest of this answer will be contained in Part 2!

Part 2 will be coming tomorrow! Please look forward to it!<3

~Miko c:

~Miko c:



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