Update Complete!

The major design update is complete! As you will now be able to see, the frontpage, theme, and menu bars are all significantly different. The posts look different now as well, and have featured images. Now, most of the featured images will look great, but I can’t add them for each and every one of my over 100 posts! Instead, however, you will see these featured images on the most recent few posts (and all the future ones.)

I’d like to honestly apologize for the extended periods the blog was down. This interrupted the posting schedule, and I can’t apologize enough!

Also, there are many differences between this update and the previous version of the site. I will still be tweaking the menus, but I thought it would be best for me to get it out there as soon as possible, since it had been unavailable for so long. I won’t waste your time listing the new updates–Explore for yourself and find out!

Thanks always for reading.



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