Episode 1: Hikari

Donna toki datte! 
Tada hitori de!
Unmei wasurete! 
Ikite kita no ni! 
Totsuzen no hikari no naka me ga sameru! 
Mayonaka ni!

She played the guitar with an unbelievable grace. Her hand delicately touching a string in one moment, the next the sound of a thousand chorusing angels resounding from the hollow of her beautiful tool. As she strummed, her hair fluttered around her like the wings of a golden butterfly. I watched her lips move, uttering those fascinating Japanese syllables, and was stunned.

She finished the tune. She forced me to break my stare by standing from her wooden stool, out of my line of vision. I had to look at her.

“Thank you,” she said to the small crowd that had gathered. My pleasure, I thought. She caught my look, and smiled. I felt my face burn. Somehow I managed to move my lips into somewhat of a smile, but nothing could express the joy I was feeling at that moment. As she walked away, her long elfin ears left me the last glance of her I would get: a shadow. Then she flew up on her electric wings, and was gone.

“That was amazing,” my friend Adam said to me. His spiked brown hair looked smashed and messed up.

“What did you get into?” I asked, recovering.

“Erm, I was… Trying to get a closer look,” he said. His sheepish smile said it all.

I sighed. “So her name was Mercedes?” I asked.

“Seems so.”

“I hope she comes back.” Both of us looked up in the direction she had disappeared. The ephemeral amount of time she had been with us was unforgettable; citizens of Maple island rarely got to see anything like that.

Jenny, Adam’s little sister, trotted over from her position on a nearby chair.

“What was that lady singing about anyway?” She squeaked in her annoying, girlish voice.

“Light,” I whispered, remembering one of the few words from my Japanese class that had stuck in my head.

“Cool, but why would anyone make a whole stinkin’ song about light?”

I saw Adam’s eyes widen, and I knew mine must be doing the same.

“I thought it was awesome,” Adam said aloofly. I nodded, trying my best to look interested in his brat sister’s thoughts.

“Me too,” I said lamely.

In the next episode:

Adam and Ben are finally both 13! As they contemplate their future, they run into the one person they both wanted to see most! 

2 responses to “Episode 1: Hikari

  1. Hey! Thanks for your comment :) BTW, I really like your fanfic! And did you draw the art? It’s really pretty :3

    • Thanks! :D I am so happy to have someone else who likes the Fanfics. I didn’t draw the Mercedes. It’s actually one of Nexon’s official photos :3

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