Episode 3: Darkness

I had chosen to become a Magician.

It all seemed so trivial now. As the conflicting thoughts flew through my head, I didn’t even attempt to decipher them. I had moved beyond the point of caring.

“Ben,” Mercedes had said to me when I entered the room. I could tell something was wrong by the tone of her voice. “I sensed a strength inside of you when we first met,” she continued, “I am about to tell you the decision the Maple Island Elders and I have made.” I glanced around quickly, trying to maintain my bearings. This was one of the few buildings of my home island I had not been in yet. It was a simple one room cottage, with high ceilings, and a more updated look than some of the other buildings.

The Elders sat around a table on a raised platform, with Mercedes at the head of the table. It was almost as though they presented themselves as gods.

“What?” I said. I was confused beyond comprehension.

Mercedes repeated her words to me.

“No!” I shouted. “Tell me!” The Elders murmured among themselves. I had seen them before, at special occasions only. They were older, with wispy gray hair that fell around their shoulders, male and female. They wore heavy violet robes, which gave them the appearance of being very important.

That didn’t mean I had to respect them.

“Stop!” I shouted. It was one of the few moments in my life where I stood up for myself. “Stop whispering,” I ordered. Mercedes looked at me quizzically.

I was done with this. I was creeped out by Mercedes’ words. I began to back up toward the door, without thinking. It was a primitive survival instinct, but why did I feel threatened?

I stumbled clumsily toward the door. The Elders’ eyes were locked on mine, as if they could burn me up by staring.

I tried the knob outside. How had it closed? It was locked. My heart raced. I was a prisoner now. So I slowly turned my head toward the table, and said, “I’ll listen.”

The Elders gave each other serious looks, then burst out laughing.

“Like you have a choice, child,” Mercedes said bluntly.

In the next episode:

Ben and Adam are beginning to grasp what they have been thrust into. They wonder, is the mysterious ship they watch related to their enemies?

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