Episode 4: Ultimate Adventurer

I stared at her, emotionless. Her eyes were steely, and the many purple-cloaked figures behind her made me feel cornered in. Actually, I was cornered. I plopped on my butt, facing Mercedes. She may have been beautiful, but I had no respect for her in the ways of delivery.

“Stop this, child,” Mercedes stalked forward, “I have been alive many eons longer than you. If you want to feel great frustration, step into my shoes.” I looked into her blue-green eyes. They glittered excitedly in the light. There wasn’t a wrinkle on her face. How could she be so old?

“I’m sorry to interrupt this flirt-fest,” One of the older Elders said, annoyed. I coughed a bit into Mercedes’ face. Unfortunately, she didn’t flinch.

“BUT,” he yelled ominously, “we don’t have much time.” My ears perked up. “Whether you are worthy or not, you have been selected for a quite… Adventurous fate.”

He let this sink in for the moment. The sun streamed lazily through the window. It was getting darker in this room. One of the younger Elders–I believe his name was Alejandro–walked over toward the stained glass window. Curiously, he slipped a white glove off of his right hand, and revealed a simple gold ring, with a purple crystal embedded deeply in its surface.

I looked around the room. Everyone was looking at me expectantly, but why?

“Samuel Patterson, your father was a great adventurer,” he said seriously.

“I know that,” I snap back. I was trying to pretend I knew more than I actually did. The truth was, as a kid I knew very little about my father. He was with me about every few months… But time flashed by in an instant at that age. If it felt like months, it could have been years.

“Are you sure you don’t have any questions?” his ring glowed, beckoning me to crack.

“Well…” I begin, then stop myself. I have no idea what I am walking myself into. I could walk away right now. But my father has been the one thing pushing me through the monotonous life of Maple Island. My life is perfect. Boring. Stupid… So it really isn’t perfect, for me. There is enough food on the table, money for the bills, so why do I have a right to complain? It is my true belief that life without excitement is useless. The mystery of my father pushed me forward.

I had always imagined my father as a hero… But what if he wasn’t? What if he was a criminal? I shook my head. “I don’t know much,” I admitted to the Elder, “do I want to know more?”

“My child,” the Elder implored. I was getting annoyed at all this ‘child’ business. “There are great evils in this world. Your father was a man who agreed to fight them… Under our Empress Cygnus.” He shook violently, “I could have trained a better fighter than she, but your father insisted. It was only when I realized the enormity of what he was doing that I came to acknowledge I could have saved your father’s life.”

In the next episode: Ben finally learns everything–the heartbreak, the joy–and explains it all to Adam. But their world isn’t instant peaches. They must use this new knowledge to defeat the largest obstacle of all. 

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