Episode 5: Ultimate Adventurer, cont.

Rolling Hills wallpaper HD

“I am an Ultimate Adventurer,” I explain to Adam. We walk through the rolling hills of Maple Island; the ship is growing ever closer. “Um, my father was a mysterious man… You of all people would know. I’ve been curious all my life, but the truth makes me wanna cry.”

Adam casts a concerned glance over at me. For I second our eyes meet, and I shiver. “I don’t know why I’m telling you this,” I say sheepishly, “it feels, I don’t know, wrong, to bother you with it.”

Adam’s eyes widen, “I’m scared,” he admits, “will what you have to say make me feel better?”

“I don’t know,” I relent. I wasn’t a confident person. I was the kind who had great ideas, but not always the courage to share them. Adam was one of the few guys I could talk to. It was nice actually, but also a luxury. Most guys wave aside what you say. Not that I tried to talk to others. Adam was actually the one who had began our confidence times.

The interruption slowed my momentum, and not in a good way. My confidence was wavering, quickly.

We trudged a little further, the bright green, soft grass providing a cushion beneath our sandal-ed feet. Finally, I broke the awkward silence, avoiding the eyes of Adam, “He was a Knight of Cygnus.” I’m not going to stop now. If I do, I fear I will be unable to restart. “When he began, the idea of a ‘Cygnus Knight’ was still fresh in the making, but the idea was to help Cygnus to defend the Black Mage.”

“Their plan was flawed.” I am breathing quickly now, as though I only am now realizing the effect of the words I am speaking. “They realized that Cygnus Knights had a limited potential. So my father decided to sacrifice himself. He created the first Ultimate Adventurer with his own spirit.”

Adam stares at me. “Are you the Ultimate Adventurer?”

I smile. “How did you know?” I continue, “My father was at the max of his potential. Once he got my mother pregnant, it was time.” I smile sheepishly. “He imbued his spirit, his experiences… In me, making me truly an Ultimate Adventurer. But when he did so… His own memory was wiped a clean slate. He faded into the spirit realm.”

“He died,” Adam summarizes, then seems to be thinking. I can see the gears clicking in his head. “But, that’s crazy! He finally shrieks.” He stops walking, frozen in his tracks. “You have all of your father’s experiences?!”

“Well,” I begin. “While I do, even that was flawed. I still have to get stronger on my own.”

“What’s the point!” Adam yells. “So the whole ‘free for all’ Maple-World has been up-heaved? You are just blessed with some amazing power, and everyone else is not? Crazy! Why would Cygnus ever do it? And plus, there is one thing you didn’t explain! Your father is still alive! He visits you!”

I can’t believe the amount of rage that is simmering off of Adam’s dynamic body. He has always been taller, but now I feel truly threatened. I stare up into the dark clouds… Dark clouds? “Do you see that?” I ask Adam quickly.

“Don’t change the subject!” He yells. Then he looks up, and his jaw drops.

After the whole warship sighting, I thought things couldn’t get crazier. Was I wrong? Yes. Maple Island is protected by weather barriers, giving us perfect weather, all the time. But now, dark clouds are streaming in like a floodgate just opened.

Lightning crackles, and a thick and jagged white bolt shoots from the sky. You would think it might go on in slow motion. No, we were dying, and it all went by quite quickly. The lightning bolt was unnaturally strong. It hit the ground only a foot away from where we were standing. I know longer could feel the ground beneath me. I saw my feet, pointed to the sky. I heard my own voice in an absolutely fierce scream. I felt a searing heat, stronger than you ever would want to experience. I was melting away. The first Ultimate Adventurer was dying.

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